Moisturizing Cleansing Gel

Gentle Deep Cleansing, Moisturizing and Not Dry

The first step in skincare is cleansing. There is no point applying skincare products if the face is not properly cleansed!

This formula is developed in accordance with the ‘Nobel Prize for Physiological Medicine’ theory. It contains ‘Dormins’, a patented cosmetic raw material with hibernation effects comprising Leucojum Aestivum bud extract, coupled with a variety of natural plant extracts, to gently deep cleanse into pores and, at the same time, exert simultaneous skincare, repair and moisturizing functions. It readily renews the stratum corneum without any sense of dryness or tightness to give you hydrated, porcelain-like skin. Start using Moisturizing Cleansing Gel today for all-in-one ‘Maintenance + Makeup Removal + Cleansing’!


Unique Characteristics

Dual functions of makeup removal and cleansing, time-saving and convenient/micro-coated, deep cleansing/certified organic, natural, complete peace of mind

Herbal extract formula, moisturizing and hydrating/easy to apply and rinse off, a clean refreshing feeling/hypoallergenic formula, suitable for everyone


Main Ingredients

Patented Leucojum Aestivum bud extract

Skin revitalization: DORMINS revitalizes the skin and keep it youthful

Protection: the skin defence mechanism is boosted to reduce skin damage due to environmental factors

Smooth skin: smooth texture, reduced fine lines and relaxed skin

Whitening: melanin synthesis and deposits are inhibited to attain a whitening effect


Soothes and calms allergic skin, replenishes moisture, reinstates healthy skin.

Spirea Ulmaria

Regulates sebaceous balance, moisturizes, tones and purifies skin pores.

Thymus Serpyllum

The latest whitening ingredient that blocks melanin synthesis, giving a longer lasting whitening effect.

Salicylic Acid

Metabolizes old skin, reduces pigmentations, improves dark skin tone.


Suitable for

  1. People who needs daily makeup.
  2. People who wish to effectively deep cleanse, exfoliate and uplift skin radiance.

Directions of Use

  1. Without adding any water to the face and the hands, press the Moisturizing Cleansing Gel 3-5 times.
  2. Apply the gel evenly on the entire face and massage lightly for 30 seconds (removing makeup).
  3. The gel penetrates deep into the pores to remove makeup and grease
  4. Wash the face thoroughly with room-temperature water.
  5. You may press the Moisturizing Cleansing Gel 2-3 times again for second-time cleansing.
  6. Wash with water. You have completed the task of mask application + makeup removal + deep cleansing.